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The accumulations of competences and experiences over generations focussing on the relevant needs of our customers in their domains are leading the EWIS as reliable partner for DT- and NDT- material testing, damage examinations, quality management and welding technology.

Even in larger companies the relevant specialised skills can not always be found.

EWIS offers these services as an accredited service provider with it´s whole range of specialized laboratories. Experienced engineers are supporting and consulting customers in all material- and manufacturing- questions straight from the planning of processes and procedures, for instance welding procedures and the usage of innovative materials.



The laboratories of EWIS are offering destructive and non-destructive testings and also a wide range of chemical examinations.


These infrastructures have, over years, leaded to an excellent reputation as a flexible and efficient service provider in Germany and Europe.

Ingenieurin und NDT-Prüftechniker